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 DQA, a dairy quality assurance scheme

The modern, educated consumer wants to know where a product he uses comes from.
Good production methods, a concern for animal welfare and the environment, the purity and safety of the final product and the assurance that foreign particles do not enter into the process, are the subjects of discussion at DQA, Integrale Kwaliteitszorg Melk (Complete Dairy Quality Assurance Scheme).

The DQA certificate guarantees good agricultural practices on the dairy farm. The procedures manual for submitting a tender explains more than one hundred quality assurance items in five essential categories of dairy production. The existing regulations speak to the issues of animal health and welfare, milk extraction, purification and the environment, along with the addition of several points regarding good agricultural practices.

The dairy industry wants to remain at the forefront in its approach toward quality by using self-monitoring systems throughout the entire process.
The ultimate goal is for practically the entire Belgian production of raw milk to be DQA certified.
Furthermore, the whole process from producer to consumer will be laid out in a permanent system in order to boost the dairy industry’s quality image.

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